Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scuba Certification: Part 1

I feel like this is a good representation of how I felt on our first day of SCUBA training - flipped over, out of sorts, out of my element.

Mark and his best friend Andy had a great idea for our upcoming Maui trip - we should all get SCUBA certified!  I have to admit that I had never thought about it before.  MN isn't exactly a divers paradise - unless you like the idea of ice diving or diving into lakes with pretty much zero visibility.  To date I haven't really had any beachy vacations, so I hadn't really even snorkled before...but I do like the water and am a decent swimmer so it sounds interesting.

The bad thing about SCUBA certification is that you have to do a lot of prework before you even get into a pool.  And, that this prework is basically the worst-case scenario guide.  By the time I get to the pool I know about 75 ways that I could be seriously harmed or even killed by SCUBA diving.  This is not a good confidence builder for me.

It probably wasn't good that Andy's wife Andrea wasn't entirely on board either.  I think that our anxiety kept being fueled by the others anxiety.  Both of us were really having a hard time getting used to this whole breathing under water thing.  You have to admit it is a little unnatural and freaky. While we were still having problems in the 3 foot section, our husbands were already at the bottom of the 10 foot section playing around and karate chopping at each other.  There was definitely some disparity in our reactions.  I made it through the end of day 1 (barely).....Andrea did not.

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